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Study in Czech

Admission in Czech Republic

Study in Czech Republic | +91 – 8178554578 | Admissions in Czech Republic university | If you’re looking for a unique European study abroad experience, look no further than the Czech Republic. Given its location, the Czech Republic is situated in the intersection of many cultures and origins. One can find historic marks of Slavic, Germanic and Jewish communities around the country, which all influenced the current Central-European lifestyle and culture. Known for its impressive castles, vast selection of native beers, medieval old towns, and beautiful landscapes, the Czech Republic combines the best of East and West Europe to create its own hybrid flair. universities in Czech Republic

Popular study abroad cities in the Czech Republic include the capital Prague, Liberec, Brno, and Olomouc. However, with 61 higher education institutions located in more than 20 towns across the country, there are many other fascinating locations to choose from. There is 618 degree programmes taught in English.

Few main Reasons to study in Czech Republic:

  • Location – situated in the heart of Europe
  • Safety
  • Low cost of living – It offers a good quality of life and a more affordable cost of living
  • High quality educational System
  • The quality and variety of degree programmes (often taught in English)
  • No Need of IELTS
  • Fascinating cultural heritage and history
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