Study in Canada

Study in Canada

Admission in Canada

Admissions in Canadian university +91 – 8178554578 Study in Canda | Canada is a highly popular choice as an overseas study destination. Canada is renowned for its quality education and competitive entry requirements.  Canada has many reasons to be counted among the best international study destinations. From secure environment to first-rate education system, abundant opportunities to buzzling city life and picturesque locations, Canada offers everything you could possibly want from life.

It offers a wide variety of course options ranging from undergraduate diplomas to master’s degrees.  A Canadian Degree/Diploma is recognized across the globe.  It is a peaceful and safe country and is considered among the best countries to live in. Three Canadian cities viz. Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary fall under the top 10 “Most Liveable Cities” in the world.

Study in Canada for Indian students is also seen as a pathway to PR which takes up to 15-18 months from within the country. Students are eligible to work off campus without a work. It is also one of the most industrialized countries of the world and has been consistently ranking amongst the most stable economies. A small population in a vast, resource rich, technically advanced country means that there is always a need for skilled professionals and employability rates are high.

Few main Reasons to study in Canada:

  • Academic Excellence- First rate education system in the world
  • Immigration opportunities
  • Large number of prestigious universities to choose from
  • Focus on Skill Development
  • Strong growing economy with large manpower shortage
  • Earn While you learn – Opportunity to gain Canadian Work experience by working part-time on- campus without a work permit and off-campus with a work permit
  • Quality of life – Safe and peaceful
  • Nomination for Immigration to Canada under Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Chance to stay in Canada while your permanent resident application is in process
  • Spouse accompaniment/work right
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